The Best Distilleries in Denver

Craft alcohol is a trend that has seen increased momentum for the past couple of years. Many major metropolitan cities are absolutely rife with plenty of interesting locations to enjoy craft beverages and Denver is no exception. If locally made spirits are your thing then make sure to check out the following distilleries in Denver to experience the unique flavor of the mile high city!

Laws Whiskey House

Laws Whiskey House Denver

A tour through Laws Whiskey House is a unique experience which affords insight into the process of one of the most dedicated whiskey distillers in the state.

When it comes to distilleries, everyone has their specialties. For Laws Whiskey House however, whiskey is less of a specialty and more a way of life. This is even highlighted in their name as to call them a distillery would be too broad a classification. To them the idea of a whiskey house is that of a sacred temple, a place of dedication to hone their craft.

The whiskey house sets itself apart from its competitors by its process and formula. Unlike other distilleries, their fermentation is open air and kept active all year around to take advantage of the robust mountain climate of Denver. On top of this is their special blend of four grains carefully balanced so that no one flavor overpowers the others.

$10 can net you a tour through the whiskey house to see for yourself, however be aware that cocktails aren’t served in their tasting room, only whiskeys and bourbons.

Rising Sun Distillery

Rising Sun Distillery Denver

What do you get when two guys named Sol and Dawn decide to open up a distillery? It might sound like the start of a stand-up act, but the spirits at Rising Sun Distillery are no joke.

Carefully handcrafted from locally sourced, fully organic ingredients, Rising Sun’s selection of gin, vodka, and liqueurs are so good it should be a crime. In fact, it used to be! Story goes that one of the co-owners of the Rising Sun has family that used to run a moonshine distillery during the prohibition era. It would seem the tradition of making great alcohol has passed along as well.

For those interested in seeing just how much passion these guys put into their work, free tours are available as well as an on-site tasting room. You can find the Rising Sun Distillery located just outside of downtown Denver, south of Mile High Stadium.

Mile High Spirits

Mile High Spirits Denver

Anyone looking for a night on the town with friends would be hard pressed not to visit Mile High Spirits, conveniently located in downtown Denver it is positioned not a hair’s breadth away from the town’s bustling nightlife.

Whether you are looking to start your night or want to top it off, Mile High’s location makes it a great choice. From their spacious tasting room and delicious restaurant to their live shows and broad selection of yard games, there is plenty for people to enjoy in addition to the fine beverages at Mile High Spirits. While tours are not currently available, this is offset by the sheer amount of events and activities available to the public during tasting hours.

Due to their proximity to many restaurants and bars, the good folks of Mile High often can be found contributing to local establishments in order to move the local craft food and drink initiative forward.

Leopold Bros.

Leopold Bros Distillery Denver

Thanks to their engineering expertise, slick pipeline, and fine knowledge of the distillation process, the Leopold Bros. run one of most efficient and eco friendly distilleries in town.

There’s something about brewing and distilling that just always seems to work better when family is involved. Is it the bond built by parents, the trust that grows between siblings, or perhaps even something genetic? We don’t know, but we’re sure Todd and Scott Leopold of the Leopold Bros. Distillery are finely aware!

With Todd holding a degree in brewing and Scott touting multiple degrees in engineering, these two brothers entered the world of craft alcohol armed with knowledge, experience, and most importantly- each other. As soon as they get their hands on the grain, all of the other details are handled in-house including malting, milling, and of course the fermentation. Even after the brewing is done the boys at Leopold Bros. look for ways to salvage and recycle what they can, turning waste into compost for local farmers.

If you’re eager to learn just what makes them tick and how they’ve designed their whole process, tours are available starting at $20. On the other hand if you just wanted to check out the end result, they do have a tasting room available.

Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey

Stranahans Whiskey Denver

Colorado’s first legal distillery since prohibition, their process has remained the same since its inception, resulting in quality that is truly timeless.

When local brewer George Stranahan had his barn catch fire and met volunteer firefighter, Jess Graber, they formed a friendship that would lead to the creation of Stranahan’s Whiskey as it is known today. When it comes to their whiskey, they mean serious business as each batch must meet a minimum age requirement of two years.

Due to the size and length of their batches, how long a team member has been working for the distillery is designated by a batch number. For instance, their current master distiller has been around since batch #013. Talk about consistency.

Stranahan’s features not only a lounge but also a gift shop and tours can be scheduled online for as low as $10.

Moving to Denver Where to Live

Denver is experiencing a major growth spurt because of the word spreading about what a great place it is to live. But, as with many large cities, it’s made up of a wide-range of neighborhoods and separate (but physically connected) cities.

If you’re planning on moving to Denver to be one of the nearly 3 million people who call the Denver metro area home, do you know where to rest your head at night? Consider some of the great places on this list of where to live.

Sloans Lake Neighborhood

Population Breakdown

Under 18 18.27%
18-24 4.66%
25-35 24.23%
35 and Older 52.83%

Housing Information

Average Household Income $90,821.73
Average Residents Per Household 2.1
Housing Units 3,848

This overlooked neighborhood of Denver is now viewed as one of the most up and coming areas of the city. The highlight is really Sloans Lake Park, the second largest park in the city (with the largest body of water). It’s a great place to walk your dog, have a picnic, or go for a run. You won’t even have to head to the mountains for your outdoor time!

Also, as more people move in, there are more and more bars and restaurants opening up. Some have a great view of the lake, and others are popular spots for happy hour.

Highland Denver Neighborhood

Population Breakdown

Under 18 15.73%
18-24 7.34%
25-35 30.66%
35 and Older 46.05%

Housing Information

Average Household Income $93,708.99
Average Residents Per Household 1.95
Housing Units 4,969

For quite a while, the Highland neighborhood has been a place where people lived because they wanted to have easy access to downtown, but they didn’t want to live in a tiny apartment on a packed street. The neighborhoods here are mostly made up of attractive bungalows, and there are a lot of trendy spots for eating and drinking – which have made the neighborhood popular in their own way.

It’s easy to live here with pets and kids, but there aren’t a lot of outdoor spaces, so you do have to make a trek to a nearby park (such as Sloans Lake) to let them get their exercise.

Glendale Neighborhood

An affordable neighborhood with a good location and a strong focus on new development. This area has a big future.

Population Breakdown

Under 18 8.66%
18-24 21.92%
25-35 39.12%
35 and Older 30.26%

Housing Information

Average Household Income $46,730.13
Average Residents Per Household 1.78
Housing Units  2,827

This hasn’t been the nicest area for a while, but now there’s a big aim to fix that up and make it a better place to live. A sports and entertainment complex was added, and many new apartments and other housing are planned or under construction.

As an added benefit, Glendale sits right along Cherry Creek. This is a nice little connection to nature where you can walk your dog or go for a run.

Downtown Denver Neighborhood

Population Breakdown

Under 18 1.01%
18-24 26.72%
25-35 31.04%
35 and Older 41.23%

Housing Information

Average Household Income $95,365.97
Average Residents Per Household 1.44
Housing Units 3,043

As usual, the downtown area of Denver is where you’re going to find the best restaurants, bars, and cultural spots. However, as you would expect, the area is lacking in nature, and you’re going to pay a lot more for rent and parking.

It’s a really fun area to live if you’re into the party lifestyle, but many other neighborhoods are a quick cab ride away.

Five Points Denver

Population Breakdown

Under 18 9.55%
18-24 12.36%
25-35 38.38%
35 and Older 39.71%

Housing Information

Average Household Income $81,029.26
Average Residents Per Household 1.82
Housing Units 7,964

This neighborhood was a huge jazz scene back in the 1930s, but history wasn’t kind, and it became the area of Denver that people actively avoided. However, the historic district has recently been hit hard by redevelopment, and it’s become a much safer and nicer neighborhood.

The location is great if you work downtown, and you might even be able to walk to work. On the other hand, you’re not going to have a lot of options for outdoors and greenery, so prepare to drive if you want to find a nice park or mountain getaway.

Denver Has Some Great Suburbs

Living in the Mile High City doesn’t have to be limited to the central neighborhoods, but there are also quite a few surrounding towns which have their benefits.

Englewood Denver Suburb

Population Breakdown

Under 18 16.95%
18-24  9.6%
25-35 18.86%
35 and Older 54.59%

Housing Information

Average Household Income $62,828.74
Average Residents Per Household 2.10
Housing Units 12,551

The city of Englewood sits south of Denver, but in reality, it all feels connected together. You’re going to have a much different vibe here than you will downtown, but you’ll also have a much easier time finding a nice place to live – get some easier access to parks. As it is home to quite a few people, a lot of businesses have filled in to make sure you have no shortage of shopping, eating, or a neighborhood bar to hang out in after work.

Lakewood Neighborhood Colorado

Population Breakdown

Under 18 20.25%
18-24 8.26%
25-35 15.28%
35 and Older 56.20%

Housing Information

Average Household Income $75,002.84
Average Residents Per Household 2.35
Housing Units 21,311

The city of Lakewood is on the western side of Denver, and it’s a good place to consider if you really want to spend a lot of time heading up into the mountains. The city put some thought into planning before it became popular, so it’s now built in a spacious and pretty way, and it’s easy to get around.

Best Neighborhoods for Young Couples in Denver

You’ve probably heard that Denver is one of the fastest growing cities in the US right now, and it’s popularity is increasing every day. If you’ve ever been there, you probably know why. The weather is amazing, there’s easy access to legendary mountains, there are plenty of things to do, many people live a healthy lifestyle, tons of tasty food options, a strong microbrew culture, and the list just goes on and on.

If you’re looking for the best places to live in Denver for singles this article might not be for you but if you are ready to move on from the single and mingle lifestyle we have some great neighborhoods that will fit your lifestyle! Instead of bar hopping every night, you’re more responsible and focused on work. Those weekend dates have turned into Saturday hikes. All the great couple’s activities make life so much more satisfying, but you need to find the right environment that matches the lifestyle.

So, where should you live in the Mile High City? Check out our list of the best neighborhoods for young couples in Denver.

Sloan’s Lake

Sloans Lake Denver Neighborhood

This relaxed area is about as close as you can get to being centrally located, without being right in the thick of the downtown mayhem. It sits due west of the Denver Broncos Stadium, and is bordered by Sheridan and Federal Boulevards.

Its name comes from Sloans Lake, which is a nice little body of water with a 2.6-mile trail wrapped around it. This is one of the only lakes in Denver where you can operate a power boat. The smaller streets in this area make it popular for houses as well as apartment buildings. As popularity is growing, more and more casual restaurants and shops are popping up to satisfy the residents. When you feel like venturing out without your car, you’ll have convenient Light Rail access to take you wherever you want to go.


Baker Denver Neighborhood

This is one of the oldest areas of the city, and it sits just south of the downtown area – at the easily commutable section directly east of I-25. One part of Baker has been designated as a historic area, but the whole neighborhood has a lot of character. There are many Victorian houses mixed together with bungalows, and the artistic feel draws a lot of creative types.

One of the highlights of the area is South Broadway Street, and this is one of the most popular shopping and eating streets in the city. So aside from having an easy commute home from work, you can stroll hand-in-hand over here for a nice dinner in the evening.


Glendale Denver Neighborhood

This section of Denver sits in the southwestern part of the city, and it’s a more mellow area away from all the hustle and bustle. It wasn’t the nicest area for many years, but there has recently been a big push to revitalize it. Because of that, you’ll find a lot of modern apartment buildings, restaurants, and stores.

A lot of couples are heading here for a nice apartment at a better value than a more central location, and they stay because of the easy access to quite a few of hiking paths, such as Cherry Creek Trail.

Wash Park

Wash Park Denver Neighborhood

The Washington Park neighborhood is in the southern part of the city, but still close enough to be considered centrally located. It sits just across I-25 from the University of Denver, and it gets its name from the popular park located there. The park is one of the largest in the city, and aside from many walking/cycling paths, it has two lakes and two flower gardens.

For some entertainment, Broadway Street has all of the shopping, bookstores, and cafes that you’ll need. For something a little more quirky, head over to the historic Gaylord Street, which has a lot of businesses with character – since it’s one of the oldest shopping areas in Denver.

LoHi (Lower Highlands)

LoHi Denver Neighborhood

The hip name of LoHi is short for Lower Highlands, and that’s because it’s the southern part of the Highlands neighborhood. This area is unique on this list because it’s on the northern side of the downtown area. You can walk right into LoDo, or hop on the highway when you want a mountain getaway.

When you’re out and about you’ll love all the trendy art galleries, as well as the welcoming cafes where you can relax for a meal or a drink. Also, it’s right across the Platte River from the flagship REI store, and the nice parks that snake next to the water.

Just a Taste of Denver!

These neighborhoods are all great areas of Denver for young couples to live in, but there are plenty of others to choose from depending on your lifestyle and budget. It’s a good idea to use these as a starting point until you get settled, and then take advantage of all the sunny days to explore and see if you feel better vibes in another area!

Things to Know About Moving to Colorado

These days, people from all over the country are flocking to Colorado’s neighborhoods from singles to young professionals, and it’s not an accident. The outdoor activities are legendary, and the political and social environments are leading the pack, but what are the real facts about moving to the Centennial State?

Here’s a handy list of things you need to know about moving to Colorado.

Move to Colorado

The Weather is Fantastic

Hollywood has tried to convince you that Colorado constantly has a few feet of snow on the ground, but that’s not the case. The weather varies depending on whether you’re in the mountains, on the Front Range, or on the plains, but it’s generally quite pleasant.

Humidity is almost non-existent, and the mountains cause fast-changing weather patterns, so you don’t have to put up with anything for too long. Plus, some of the cities on the Front Range boast more than 300 days of sunshine per year. Can many beach towns make that sort of claim?

The Mountains Are Your Backyard Adventure

One problem about living in Colorado is that the mountains are almost too amazing. After spending some time in their shadows, you’re going to struggle to find the motivation to move anywhere else.

People travel from all around the world to ski, hike, camp, fish, and take part in many other outdoor activities. But, those adventures are just part of your daily routine if you live in Colorado.

Things to Know About Moving to Colorado

The Altitude Can Be Tough

Before you strap on some boots and head out for a day of hiking, keep in mind that the higher elevations in Colorado cause some challenges for people used to life at lower altitude. There’s less oxygen in the air, so that makes it harder for your body to function. You’ll get tired faster, and you might have some other issues such as headaches and nausea. Plus, the sun is stronger, so wear sunscreen!

The good news is that your body will eventually get used to it, and you’ll be like a superhuman when you’re breathing all the oxygen at sea level.

Healthy and Active Population

Speaking of how strong you’ll get, Colorado has a huge population of healthy people. Most residents love the state because of its outdoor beauty, and they often spend their free time exploring it. Those who live in other areas of the country have to pay high fees to join fancy gyms, but Coloradans just step outside.

Craft Beer is a Reality

Craft beer is growing all around the country, but Colorado is really one of the centers of the movement. There are an endless number of brew houses pumping out all types of beer, so you can get everything from simple to experimental styles.

If that’s not enough, Denver adds to it by hosting the Great American Beer Festival every year, and that’s a must-visit event for any beer lover.

Colorado Craft Beer

The Population is Diverse

One of the results of all of these awesome bits of life in Colorado is that the state attracts a lot of newcomers. This is great because it keeps becoming more diverse, and that helps it stay on the track of continuous improvement. Denver has become a major cultural hub and is one of the most popular cities around because of it. People from all over the United States have been moving to Denver it’s almost more common to meet a transplant in the capital city than someone who actually grew up in Colorado.

DIA is Great

If you like to travel, Colorado is an ideal place. Not only is the state in a pretty central location in the country, but DIA is a nice airport with flights all over the planet. Plus, the main terminal looks like snowy mountains! Whether it’s commuting for work or taking vacations to either coast, Denver is a great airline hub.Nature in Colorado

The Climate is Dry

Another fact of life in Colorado is the dry climate. This has certain benefits, such as less mold and hot days don’t feel as uncomfortable. However, the plants aren’t as lush, and things dry out quickly. Prepare to use moisturizers as it’s easy for your skin and lips to dry out very easily.

Big Cities and Small Towns

With over 100,000 square miles of area, Colorado is a big place. That means it comes with towns of all sizes. Denver is on par with major cities around the country, the secondary cities (such as Colorado Springs and Fort Collins) have everything you need, and there are plenty of small towns for people who like to get away from it all.

Colorado Towns

Strong Sports Culture

With all the motivated fitness people living in a state, is it a surprise that there are a lot of professional sports teams? Denver has a team for the four major sports (Broncos, Rockies, Nuggets, and Avalanche), plus franchises from many less-mainstream leagues. The fan bases are friendly and respectable, but most are fiercely dedicated.

Come See for Yourself!

This is just a small taste of what it’s like to live in Colorado. The feel of the state is constantly changing, but most agree that it’s always an improvement. Hope to see you soon!

If you are moving to Colorado and looking for a place to live, come check out our beautiful, modern apartments in Denver.

Unusual Things To Do In Denver

Denver is quickly becoming one of the most popular cities to live in, but a lot of people think it’s all about the mountains. While the world famous ski slopes and hiking trails are right next door, there are plenty of other reasons to live in the Mile High City.

Rather than focus on the normal perks, think about visiting some of these more unusual things to do in Denver.

Have a Drink where Colorado issued its 1st Liquor License – Buckhorn Exchange


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A lot of places claim to be the oldest or the original, but the Buckhorn Exchange can prove it. They proudly hold the first liquor license issued in the state of Colorado, and people have been eating and drinking here since 1893.

It was founded by Henry “Shorty Scout” Zietz, who was a buddy of Buffalo Bill Cody in the crazy days of the Wild West. It was a popular spot for miners, railroad men, and other adventurers of the time, and it has hosted multiple presidents and plenty of celebrities. The walls are covered in hunting trophies, photos, and other memorabilia that make it feel more like a museum than a restaurant.

Eat with the Dead – Linger Eatuary

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As cities get older, certain buildings are no longer needed for their original purpose. In most cases, anything creepy will be used for the same thing that it was originally intended, or it will be knocked down and rebuilt. Linger Eatery isn’t one of those situations.

It was originally Olinger Mortuary, so the owners only had to slightly redo the sign to give it a new life. Some of the décor subtly hints at the darker minds of those who designed it, but most people love going purely for the quality of the food.

A Denver Classic – Casa Bonita

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Casa Bonita is more than just a restaurant. It’s an entertainment venue, an arcade, a terrifying experience in Black Bart’s Cave, and it’s tacky to the point of being wonderful. The food isn’t the highest quality, but the portions are great, and you’ll stuff yourself on the sopapillas at the end. You’ll get to see the famous cliff divers jumping off an indoor waterfall while you eat, and you’ll get to explore the many other rooms and attractions while you digest.

Words don’t do this place justice – you really just have to go.

Go Small – Museum of Miniatures, Dolls, and Toys

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In a state full of giant mountains and beautiful views, it might be refreshing just to see something tiny. This is a fun museum dedicated to all things tiny, and the collection of toys will be entertaining for kids of all ages.

Get Really High, Climbing a Tree – Tree Climbing Colorado

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Do you have fond memories of climbing a tree as a kid? Well, the heights you reached in those days probably wouldn’t get you to the same level of adrenaline now, but maybe Tree Climbing Colorado can help you with that. They have a series of instructors who will help you get up some massive trees, and it resembles rock climbing much more than it does your climbs in the back yard of your childhood home.

Learn Some Parkour – Apex Movement

For another physical adventure, why not try learning parkour? The running and jumping of this sport are definitely thrilling, but the danger of hurtling across rooftops scares most people away. That’s why Apex Movement is an indoor gym that lets you learn and practice the moves in a safe and controlled environment. You’ll feel like the star of an action movie.

Relive the 80s – Fifty-Two 80s

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Do you miss the good old spirit of the 80s? You’re not alone! Fortunately, Fifty-Two 80s is a store still living in the neon, pixelated glory of the decade, and they have enough nostalgia for sale to feel like you’ve stepped in a time machine.

Spooky Cheesman Park

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Cheesman Park is a relaxing, 80-acre park that’s a great place to have a picnic, play some Frisbee, or just catch some rays. But, its history will make your skin tingle. Before being a park, it was a cemetery full of interesting characters. Denver had quite a rough bunch during the Wild West days, and a lot of them ended up here as their final resting place. So, it’s not uncommon to have a bit of a spooky experience at the park, and you might just want to avoid going there alone after dark.

See a Concert and a View – Red Rocks

A lot of concert venues are beautiful places with great sound, but not many of them are formed by nature. Red Rocks Park is one of the multiple areas held in the Denver Mountain Parks system, and it’s home to a famous amphitheater formed by rocks.

The park is a great place to hike and explore during the day, and some of the biggest musical acts put on performances under the stars at night. The concerts are even better because of the beautiful view you see behind the stage.

Denver is Full of Surprises

All in all, Denver is a great city that’s evolving every day. This list is just a taste of the fun, crazy, and spooky things that you’ll find if you spend enough time in the Mile High City. If you know of other fun and unusual things to do in Denver let us know!

Best Coffee Shops for Working in Denver

Whether you are a young professional in Denver who works from home or simply looking to spend some time writing on your laptop after work, finding a comfortable place with good coffee and WiFi isn’t always easy. Denver has a vast number of coffee shops all over the city, most of which offer WiFi. That being said, there are some places that seem more accepting and accommodating for those who wish to spend some time in silence with their laptop. We’ve compiled a list of the best coffee shops for working in Denver. Rather than just focus on the downtown area like many other lists we’ve seen, we chose coffee shops for working that are located in different neighborhoods throughout the city. Let us know which one is your favorite!

Best Coffee Shops in Denver for Working

Corvus Coffee

Neighborhood: Platt Park

Located just north of Englewood is a great coffee shop for working in Denver. It’s a solid place to work, with fast WiFi and large community tables. Even more importantly, the coffee is some of the best you will find in Denver. They even have hand-squeezed almond milk which is fantastic!

St. Mark’s Coffee House

Neighborhood: City Park West

This place open’s bright and early at 6:30am and if you want to spend some time there we suggest the earlier the better as it’s very popular. There’s a good reason why though, the drinks are great and their bakery is dangerously delicious. Whether it’s tea, coffee, beer, or wine it’s a good place to work by yourself or even in a group. It’s also a great area to people watch!

Soujourner’s Coffee & Tea

Neighborhood: Glendale

In our opinion this coffee shop is a bit of a hidden gem in terms of a good place for working. If you’re like us and spend the majority of your time in Glendale, then Soujourner’s Coffee & Tea is a great place to shack up for a few hours and get some work done. The WiFi is usually pretty good and for the most part it’s relatively easy to find a table to work from.

Coffee at the Point

Neighborhood: Five Points

Next on our list is a spacious joint, with great snacks. It’s a large space, with plenty of outlets and they even have a printing service if need be. They serve beer for those long work sessions that drag past 5pm! It’s a great place to go to get some work done and to enjoy a delicious breakfast in Five Points.

Wash Perk

Neighborhood: Washington Park West

For those who enjoy a bit more lively environment while they are working, Wash Perk is the place to be. It’s a cozy little cafe with great coffee, very good WiFi and a very nice energy and vibe. People always seem chatty, but productive in this coffee shop. When we are in the Wash Park area, this is our favorite spot to hangout.

Black Eye Coffee Shop

Neighborhood: Highlands

This is more of a neighborhood coffeeshop with style. It’s located in the lowest area of the Highlands and it’s got nice community tables and an outdoor area where you can enjoy the sunshine. They feature great artisan goods and the dark wood feel of the place gives off a really warm vibe. This is a great spot to get some work done in the Highlands neighborhood. They also have a second location in Cap Hill which is just as great.

Fluid Coffee Bar

Neighborhood: Uptown

This spot has a nice combination of remote workers, meetings, and people just catching up over a cup of Joe. It’s got a moderately loud vibe, plenty of outlets, and the WiFi is usually good. There’s a good amount of space, but its a popular spot so it can be a bit crowded at times. In the Uptown neighborhood it’s the place to be for working in a coffee shop.

Union Station

Neighborhood: Downtown

Technically this isn’t a coffee shop, but there’s one inside the building and the whole lounge area of the station servers as one big remote working paradise. Pigtrain Coffee brews up some fantastic drinks and the recently renovated Union Station has a plethora or shared tables, couches, or small desks to work from. Despite the large number of people often working there, the free WiFi works great and there’s tons to do all around you as soon as you finish what you are working on!

The Bardo Coffee House

Neighborhood: Baker

If you like working from a booth, go to Bardo’s Coffee House. They have a number of big comfortable booths equipped with outlets and you often find strangers sharing a booth which makes for a friendly environment. The coffee is great and it’s comfortable with a bit of a trendy, hipster vibe at the same time.

Steam Espresso Bar

Neighborhood: Platt Park

Another fantastic coffee shop for working is in the Platt Park neighborhood and it’s called the Steam Espresso Bar. This place has a very clean, modern look which we think increases productivity. They’ve got friendly baristas, good coffee, and solid WiFi. What more could you really ask for?

Make Your Apartment Feel Bigger

Sometimes living in an apartment can feel kind of cramped, but it doesn’t always have to. Did you know that there are plenty of things you can do to make it feel like you have more space? And, are you aware that you’re already doing a lot that’s making it feel smaller?

Try out some of the things on the following list, and watch as your apartment seems to magically have more space!

Make Apartment Feel BiggerChoose Colors Carefully

Dark colors can make your rooms feel smaller than they are, but light colors make a space seem larger. Try to stick to pale colors for the walls, such as white, cream, pale blues, and light grays. You can use a different color for the rugs to add some nice contrast.

Everything is a Storage Container

If a room is empty and clean looking, it naturally feels bigger. Make sure to fill your apartment with storage spaces, and they can be hidden or visible. Stock up on storage containers from the store, but also get creative with what you already have. For example, a coffee table doubles as a storage spot. If items can be hidden inside or underneath it, you’ve just saved space.

Say No to Clutter

Just Say “No” to Clutter

It can be tempting to decorate your home with lots of cute little pieces of décor, but you’re not doing yourself any favors. If your apartment is crowded, it will feel smaller than it is. Keep as many areas free of clutter as you can, and go minimalist with your decorating. If you insist on having a bunch of small trinkets, put them in one specific area, such as sitting next to each other on a certain shelf.

Use the Right Light

If your space is brighter, it will also feel bigger. You can’t usually add new windows, but try to keep them open so the light flows in. Also, put plenty of lamps around. They give off much better color than overhead lights do, and they help you control shadows that shrink spaces.

Keep the Windows Clear

Design magazines and store displays want you to believe that you should have amazing curtains and other window treatments to make your home look more beautiful. Again, that sometimes works in large houses, but the opposite is true for smaller apartments. Keep the windows clear, and your space will feel bigger. Also, make sure you regularly clean the glass because that will also add the feeling of size.

Highlight Areas with Rugs

If you place different color rugs in your various rooms and corners, you’ll subconsciously think about them as different places. This will turn into you thinking you have a lot of different areas in your apartment, and it will feel bigger.

Mirrors are Magical

A classic technique to make a space feel bigger is by using a mirror. Just think of how many hotels and restaurants take advantage of this. You don’t have to cover a whole wall with a mirror, but spreading a few around in strategic places will give you the illusion of more space.

Find Customized Furniture

In the world of cramming furniture into your apartment, one size does not fit all. Major retail chains design items that can be sold to people living in everything from giant houses to small apartments, but that’s not always a good idea. Just think about a plush sofa with thick armrests and a tall back. That would look great when trying to fill up the living room of a massive house, but a far skinnier version would do better in your smaller apartment.

Apartment Chairs

Folding Chairs Are Your Friend

Have you ever invited friends over and not had enough room for everyone to sit? That’s frustrating for everyone involved. But, before you go out and buy some more sofas and armchairs, think about how much space that will take up. Instead, invest in some folding chairs. Just make sure you find one of your creative storage places to keep them when they’re not in use.

Hang Instead of Stacking

Framing photos of your great memories is a great way to make your apartment feel more like home, but think twice before stacking them on shelves. That adds to the clutter, but hanging them on the wall can free up more space.

Hang on Wall

Open Door Policy

Doors can be useful if you have a lot of roommates or really love your privacy, but they really can shrink down a space. Remove all the doors between the various rooms, and you won’t have closed spaces or awkward shapes sticking off of the wall. However, keep the doors on the bathroom or you may soon find yourself with fewer friends.

Your Apartment Isn’t Small

In the end, you have to remember that an apartment is smaller than a mansion, but that doesn’t make it small. If you’re feeling cramped inside, try out these tips. They’ll definitely make your apartment feel bigger.

Englewood is a Great Part of Denver to Live

The Denver metro area has grown very rapidly over the past few years, and it just seems to be getting better. There used to be more distinction between the different cities and best neighborhoods in the Denver area, but now most of them have started to overlap each other.

However, just because these neighborhoods have grown together, it doesn’t mean they’ve all lost their character. On the contrary, some areas have really flourished because of the people who move to them to keep their distinct cultures alive.

The suburb of Englewood is a great part of Denver to live in, and it’s very popular among young adults.

Location of Englewood

This part of Denver is very convenient to live in because it’s centrally located. The whole area of Englewood makes up a little more than 6.5 miles, and it mostly stretches north and south right next to Santa Fe Drive. It sits just above Littleton, below the University of Denver, and a few miles south of the downtown area.

Getting Around from Englewood

Englewood’s central location makes it easy to get to many different areas of the city, so you really get to choose your method of transportation if you live there. If you feel like driving, Santa Fe Drive and Broadway can connect you to quite a few places. Also, it’s under ten miles to get to Interstate 70, and less than four to get to Interstate 25.

If you don’t have a car or want to be more environmentally friendly, you have a few other options. First, there’s a really nice network of 24 miles of bike routes that you can take advantage of on the nice days. Next, the Regional Transportation District (RTD) maintains the light rail and multiple buses through the area.

Type of People that Live in Englewood

It’s a pretty diverse area with a mixture of ages and income levels, and the amount of people who own their homes is almost evenly split with those who rent. The average age of the residents is in the mid-30s, and the average household size is two people. On the other hand, the average age often feels a little different because various age groups have different places where they can mix.

Things to Do

Even though it’s tempting to travel around the Denver metro area, many residents of Englewood end up spending most of their time in their own neighborhood. Among other things, the town has five parks that allow dogs, three community gardens, two recreation centers, one golf course, and a skatepark. Whether you have an active lifestyle, like to party, or enjoy sitting in a cafe with a good book, there are plenty of choices to meet your needs in Englewood.

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Gothic Theatre

One of the most happening areas of Englewood is a certain stretch of South Broadway. Probably the most famous attraction is the Gothic Theatre, a music venue that originally opened as a cinema in 1925. It’s gone through a lot of changes over the years, but now it’s one of the best spots to see concerts (both local and national acts) in Denver. They can really put on a good show, and the theater draws crowds from all over the state.

Of course, a place like this can really keep a neighborhood going, so there are a number of cool bars, restaurants, and other hangout spots surrounding the Gothic.

History of Englewood

Englewood was officially incorporated in 1903, but it was actually founded a few years before that. Like many places in Colorado, it came to life because of the discovery of gold. A local settler found some of the valuable stuff floating in what is now known as Little Dry Creek, and that got the attention of some others looking to get rich. A man named Thomas Skerrit built himself a house there in 1860, and managed to get a road built that would connect it to Denver.

Eventually, the Cherrelyn trolley was installed, and it traveled up and down Broadway to get people to Denver. It was pulled up the hill by a horse, and it rode back down being pushed simply by its own weight.

These types of developments continued through the years, and eventually the town physically connected with other areas around it. However, it’s still incorporated as the City of Englewood, and the population was just over 30,000 people in 2010.

Brix on Belleview

New Apartments in Englewood!

Whether you’re just moving to Denver or simply thinking about switching neighborhoods, living in Englewood is something you should seriously consider. If you’re looking for a place to live, you’re more than welcome to come check out our property, Brix on Belleview. These modern apartments have multiple floor plans, and there are plenty of other amenities such as a swimming pool, grill area, and cafe.

Have fun exploring Englewood!

Are You Ready to Own a Dog?

Having a dog is one of the great experiences of life, and many residents of Colorado know that. Canine companions go on hikes with you, cuddle up on snowy afternoons, and are always happy to see you when you get home at the end of a day.

However, it is a responsibility, so there are a few questions you need to ask yourself  to really know if you are ready to own a dog. Start with this list, and see if you’re ready to take the plunge!

Owning a Dog

Are You Patient?

No matter how old or trained a dog is, they get stressed out when they move to a new environment. They might eat things they shouldn’t, decide where they think their bathroom is, or cause other types of mayhem. Your job is to patiently teach them what is and isn’t allowed.

How Many Locks Do You Have?

Dogs are smart. Many figure out how to open cabinets, and then they reward themselves by chewing what they find. Get some baby locks to put a stop to this before it starts. Especially do this on cabinets with cleaning supplies or other chemicals, and you’ll save a lot of money on emergency vet bills.

Are you ready for a dog?

Do You Like Electronic Things?

Technology has become the center of many of our lives, and those power chords start to get out of control. Unfortunately, some dogs chew or get tangled up in them. So, this may be the excuse you need to get your life in order.

Are You Attached to Wooden Furniture?

Dogs get excited, and this sometimes leads to scratching and biting things. A favorite for this activity is the legs of tables and chairs, and that type of damage can’t really be reversed. If you have a lot of wooden furniture, it’s best to protect, get rid of, or be prepared for some loving scratches in the future.

Do Your Friends Describe You as Messy?

Don’t feel bad, it’s a lot easier to leave a lot of things sitting on coffee tables, end tables, and other types of low furniture. It’s even a tasteful way to decorate, with the right items. But, dogs like to play with things, and they often decide what qualifies as a toy. Canine owners find it’s best to clear off the low tables.

Do You Have Tail Insurance?

Dog tails seem like one of the happiest things in life. When they’re wagging, they brighten the mood of everyone who sees them. On the other hand, they function similar to wrecking balls. Start thinking about where “tail level” is, and prepare for anything placed here to take a beating if you don’t find it a new home.

How Many Plants Do You Have?

Floor plants are great in your apartment because they provide a little bit of nature. However, they also double as a bathroom for many dogs. You can train this out of them, but sometimes it’s easier to just redecorate.

Do You Have Space for Beds?

Dogs love curling up in soft warm places, and they don’t discriminate. They love human beds and sofas, and they don’t understand why this is wrong. After all, bad smells are great, and any holes from claws just become an opportunity to play with stuffing! Your best bet is to keep them off your furniture, and this is easiest if they have their own bed in every room.

Dog Friendly Denver Apartments

Do You Like Buying Chew Toys?

Canines of all ages love to chew on things – it just happens more when they’re little. And as we already discussed, they’ll help themselves to toys if they can find them. To keep everyone happy, go to a pet store to buy some proper chewy toys. These are safer than power chords, cheaper than shoes, and already soaked with the smells of other dogs from the store. Yummy.

Do You Have a Dog Budget?

Sure, this is a personal question, and most dogs are too polite to ask it. The hard truth is that food, medicine, toys, beds, and all the other things dog owners need can really add up. No one wants to realize they don’t have the budget for a furry friend after they’ve already become attached to each other.

Are You Sure that You’re Patient?

Yes, we already covered this question, but it’s worth going over twice. There are a lot of rewards to owning a dog, but it does take a lot of patience. You can’t just switch them off when you have a bad day.

Are you ready to own a dog?

Are Four-Legged Friends Allowed?

If you own your house or apartment, it’s almost never a problem to have a dog. But, if you rent, many places don’t allow pets. Trying to sneak around these rules almost never works, so pick a place that encourages you to bring your buddies with tails!

Bring Your Dog to Urban Phenix!

We love dogs, and it’s not a problem for our residents to own them while they live here. Our apartments are as dog friendly as we can make them, so you only have to take care of the details. That leaves you time to take your friend out and enjoy the magic of Colorado.

One of the Best Cities in America: Denver

The people of Denver have spent years trying to keep a secret, but nothing can be kept quiet forever. They didn’t do it to be mean or selfish, and their intentions were based on their passion and love. Eventually, their secret came out.

Denver is one of the best cities in America.

It’s growing rapidly now that everyone knows how amazing it is, especially the best places to live in Denver for singles , but that has led to more good changes than bad. If you’re not convinced how awesome Denver is, then read on!

Hiking near Denver

Close to Nature

When you live in Denver, you don’t really have to choose between an urban or an outdoor lifestyle. If you like skiing, hiking, camping, fishing, or any outdoor sports, some of the best mountains in the world are just a short drive away. But, for those days when you don’t feel like making any commute at all, you can spend your time in one of the more than 20,000 acres of public parks spread around Denver.

Trendy and Fashionable

Many mountain towns have great views and amazing outdoor experiences, but they mean you lose connection with the cultural experiences that flow so freely in urban areas. Again, Denver doesn’t make you sacrifice that. It has amazing restaurants, plenty of theaters, interesting people from around the world, and anything else you need to get your fix of culture.

Wonderful Weather

Before visiting Denver, many people think that it has similar weather patterns to the summit of Mt. Everest. While it does get some snowy days from time to time, the white stuff melts away quickly. The temperature stays rather mild throughout the year, and the average high in July is only 88°. To make it even better, there’s almost no humidity to deal with.

Great Weather in Denver

Diverse Jobs

It’s hard to have a growing city without plenty of available jobs, and Denver doesn’t disappoint in this category. It has plenty of options for Millennials to work at cool startups, but it also has a ton of more traditional working environments for other generations seeking security.

People Coming from All Over

There are a lot of newcomers to Denver, but that’s a trend that has gone on throughout the history of the city. It’s always hosted adventurers exploring the Wild West, and there are still a lot of colorful people settling down in the Mile High City. Many complain that this will change its character, but it just seems to make it easier to have a diverse and interesting group of friends from all over.

Fitness and Health

The mountain air attracts a lot of healthy people, so if you have a passion for fitness, you won’t be alone. Colorado consistently ranks as one of the healthiest states in the nation, and you’re never far from a gym (for the days when you don’t want to have a traditional workout in the great outdoors).

Denvers Best City in America

Professional Sports Teams

Healthy people like watching sports, and there’s plenty of that to do in Denver. There are the Broncos in the NFL, the Rockies in the MLB, the Avalanche in the NHL, and the Nuggets in the NBA. But, it doesn’t stop with the four major sports. You can also watch the Rapids play soccer, the Outlaws play lacrosse outside, the Mammoth play lacrosse inside, and plenty of other smaller teams.

Denver International Airport

Denver does sit pretty much in the center of the country, but that turns out to be a good thing. Denver International Airport is a such a major transportation hub that it’s the fifth busiest airport in the country, and you can get to either coast in a few hours. If you want to go one step further, it also serves many international destinations.

Excellent Entertainment

One of the unexpected benefits of being the biggest city in the region is that it makes a nice stopping point for anyone on tour. Concerts, plays, and all other types of performances tend to hold an event in Denver while making their way across the United States.

Denver Beer Scene

Master of Microbrews

Denver is undoubtedly one of the microbrewery capitals of America. And it’s impossible to prove scientifically, but it’s probably home to the best beers around the globe. Whether it’s the champion or not, you’re never far from a great craft brewery with a friendly atmosphere.

Safe City

Another benefit of Denver is that it offers many of the same great perks that you’ll find living in larger cities, but it tends to have less crime and other negative aspects.

Ready to Take the Plunge?

The items on this list are only a small sample of the reasons that Denver is one of the best cities in America. Every local has their own opinion and knowledge about the even better parts, so why not come take a look around?