Are You Ready to Own a Dog?

Having a dog is one of the great experiences of life, and many residents of Colorado know that. Canine companions go on hikes with you, cuddle up on snowy afternoons, and are always happy to see you when you get home at the end of a day.

However, it is a responsibility, so there are a few questions you need to ask yourself  to really know if you are ready to own a dog. Start with this list, and see if you’re ready to take the plunge!

Owning a Dog

Are You Patient?

No matter how old or trained a dog is, they get stressed out when they move to a new environment. They might eat things they shouldn’t, decide where they think their bathroom is, or cause other types of mayhem. Your job is to patiently teach them what is and isn’t allowed.

How Many Locks Do You Have?

Dogs are smart. Many figure out how to open cabinets, and then they reward themselves by chewing what they find. Get some baby locks to put a stop to this before it starts. Especially do this on cabinets with cleaning supplies or other chemicals, and you’ll save a lot of money on emergency vet bills.

Are you ready for a dog?

Do You Like Electronic Things?

Technology has become the center of many of our lives, and those power chords start to get out of control. Unfortunately, some dogs chew or get tangled up in them. So, this may be the excuse you need to get your life in order.

Are You Attached to Wooden Furniture?

Dogs get excited, and this sometimes leads to scratching and biting things. A favorite for this activity is the legs of tables and chairs, and that type of damage can’t really be reversed. If you have a lot of wooden furniture, it’s best to protect, get rid of, or be prepared for some loving scratches in the future.

Do Your Friends Describe You as Messy?

Don’t feel bad, it’s a lot easier to leave a lot of things sitting on coffee tables, end tables, and other types of low furniture. It’s even a tasteful way to decorate, with the right items. But, dogs like to play with things, and they often decide what qualifies as a toy. Canine owners find it’s best to clear off the low tables.

Do You Have Tail Insurance?

Dog tails seem like one of the happiest things in life. When they’re wagging, they brighten the mood of everyone who sees them. On the other hand, they function similar to wrecking balls. Start thinking about where “tail level” is, and prepare for anything placed here to take a beating if you don’t find it a new home.

How Many Plants Do You Have?

Floor plants are great in your apartment because they provide a little bit of nature. However, they also double as a bathroom for many dogs. You can train this out of them, but sometimes it’s easier to just redecorate.

Do You Have Space for Beds?

Dogs love curling up in soft warm places, and they don’t discriminate. They love human beds and sofas, and they don’t understand why this is wrong. After all, bad smells are great, and any holes from claws just become an opportunity to play with stuffing! Your best bet is to keep them off your furniture, and this is easiest if they have their own bed in every room.

Dog Friendly Denver Apartments

Do You Like Buying Chew Toys?

Canines of all ages love to chew on things – it just happens more when they’re little. And as we already discussed, they’ll help themselves to toys if they can find them. To keep everyone happy, go to a pet store to buy some proper chewy toys. These are safer than power chords, cheaper than shoes, and already soaked with the smells of other dogs from the store. Yummy.

Do You Have a Dog Budget?

Sure, this is a personal question, and most dogs are too polite to ask it. The hard truth is that food, medicine, toys, beds, and all the other things dog owners need can really add up. No one wants to realize they don’t have the budget for a furry friend after they’ve already become attached to each other.

Are You Sure that You’re Patient?

Yes, we already covered this question, but it’s worth going over twice. There are a lot of rewards to owning a dog, but it does take a lot of patience. You can’t just switch them off when you have a bad day.

Are you ready to own a dog?

Are Four-Legged Friends Allowed?

If you own your house or apartment, it’s almost never a problem to have a dog. But, if you rent, many places don’t allow pets. Trying to sneak around these rules almost never works, so pick a place that encourages you to bring your buddies with tails!

Bring Your Dog to Urban Phenix!

We love dogs, and it’s not a problem for our residents to own them while they live here. Our apartments are as dog friendly as we can make them, so you only have to take care of the details. That leaves you time to take your friend out and enjoy the magic of Colorado.

Make Your Apartment Pet Friendly

Living in a beautiful apartment in Denver is one thing, but life in the Mile High City is always better with a pet at your side. And while some people settle on a fish or small animal, many decide they want a purring cat or tail-wagging dog cuddling up next to them after a long day.

It’s a fairly common belief that apartment life isn’t for pet owners, but that couldn’t be less true. Here is a great list of how you can have a pet-friendly apartment.

Skip the Expensive Materials

When you’re picking out your furniture, you may want to spring for high-quality wood or shiny leather. Just don’t. Dogs scratch furniture when they jump on it to sleep or grab food, and cats scratch furniture just because they want to. It’s nature, and there’s only so much you can do to stop them.

Instead, buy fabric covers for chairs and sofas, and make sure they’re machine washable. For tables, cabinets, and other hard materials, think about getting something cheaper in case they become scratching posts. Also, don’t try to get dark colors in exactly matching shades because everything will fade with cleaning.

Cat Friendly Apartments Denver Let the Pets Choose the Color

Have you ever noticed how you can always tell which of your friends have a cat or dog based on all the hair on their clothes? Well, that same thing will happen in your apartment. No matter how many lint brushes and vacuum cleaners you have, the little pieces of hair will always be around. The best thing you can do to battle it is to match your color scheme to the fur. For example, white hairs will show up on black carpets, but they’ll be much less noticeable on light colors. Save yourself the cleaning time and spend more time petting.

Give Your Pet Some Culture

A lot of people let their dogs and cats eat out of a plain metal or plastic bowl. There’s nothing wrong with this (and the dogs sure don’t mind), but the owners are missing out on a good opportunity. If you buy them stylish bowls that match the theme of your apartment, you are able to turn a necessity into a design statement. The same goes for boxes of toys, climbing houses, and other things your pet will demand.

Show Off in a Classy Way

Look, you’re going to take pictures of your little darlings when they’re doing something cute, and that’s likely to happen dozens of times a day. Don’t be shy about it! Get a few nice picture frames that match your apartment, and constantly switch out the photos.

Dog Friendly Apartments Denver
They Know Where to Sleep

Another convenient trait about animals is that they’ll happily choose where they sleep. They’ll probably follow the sun as it moves across the room during the day, but at night they’ll cuddle up in their favorite corners (when your lap isn’t available). Don’t try to fight this. You can buy the most expensive memory foam on the market, but they’ll ignore it if it’s in the wrong place.

Once you learn their spots, figure out a nice bed that will blend in well in that area. If your cat loves a spot on the bookshelf, clear it off for him. If your dog wants to be right next to your bed, get her a big pillow that matches your sheets.

Challenge Their Minds

Spoil your pets with toys, but don’t make them boring. When you’re away during the day, your pet will spend most of the time asleep. But, make sure there’s something exciting for them to interact with in case they get lonely. Cats love elaborate towers that they can climb, scratch, and sleep on. Dogs love toys with smells or squeaky things inside. Try a lot of different things until you see what their favorite is.

Child Locks Are Amazing

These special locks are designed to keep babies out of the cabinets, and they work for curious cats and dogs as well. Many of our four-legged friends will eat whatever they find, but they won’t worry about their stomach aches until later. Investing in some simple locks will make everyone happier, and you can spoil them with treats when you get home!


Recycling is always a good thing, and pets make it even easier. Instead of throwing away old blankets and clothes, turn them into cat or dog beds. Sew them together to make a nice shape, and then watch them cuddle up with the smell of their favorite human.

Pet Friendly Apartments Denver
Enjoy Your Life Together

You’ll never run out of ideas on how to make your apartment more pet friendly, but make sure to not forget that it’s home for both of you. Sometimes they’ll make messes or eat your shoes, but nothing will compare to a lazy Sunday spent together curled up on the couch.

At Urban Phenix we love cats and dogs which is why we offer pet friendly apartments in Denver, Colorado. If you are moving to the Mile High City with your pets and looking for a place to live, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

Dog Friendly Apartments

Finding a Pet Friendly Apartment

Dog Friendly Apartments DenverAs many dog owners know moving to a new city or even a new apartment can often be quite the hassle. In fact, if you are reading this article there’s a good chance that I am already barking up the right tree!

Finding an apartment that allows dogs is hard enough and finding one that allows the number of dogs, size of dog, or even dog breed you need can be enough to put anyone’s tail between their legs. Fear not because you are in luck! We will help you dig up some of the best apartments in Denver that will fit all of your puppy prerequisites.  

Dogtown Denver

Denver Dog Friendly CityIf you’ve spent any time in the Mile High City you’ll likely have noticed how much
Denver residents love their pets and pooches. Whether you’re in a brewery, hotel, restaurant, park, beach, airport or even at a Home Depot you’re likely to find man’s best friend in attendance. Denver has some of the most businesses in the entire country that allow dogs with 76 registered restaurants alone that welcome dogs and ranks #1 in “Dog Friendly Vacations in Colorado”. Denver also has the largest city park system in the nation with 205 parks in the city limits and the Rocky mountain and all of its dog related activities are only 40 minutes away! 

For these reason and many others Denver has earned a sport on Estately’s “17 Best U.S. Cities for Dogs”. While all dogs do enjoy a day out on the town when the sun sets they’ll need somewhere to rest their paws. Luckily for them and dog owners alike Denver is ranked 3rd for “America’s Most Pet-Friendly Rental Markets” topping most cities in three main categories

Urban Phenix’s Dog Friendly Apartments

At Urban Phenix we are “yappy” to be able contribute to Denver’s pedigree ranking of dog friendly apartments with five incredible renovated properties boasting some of the best canine credentials you will find in all of Denver.

At all of our five locations we allow our tenants to have dogs; accepting all shapes and sizes of dog breeds including the largest of breeds! Unfortunately, the only breed restriction we have is for Pit Bulls and is due to a Denver city ordinance.

One of the key of dog friendly apartment conditions that sets Urban Phenix apart is that we allow up to 3 pets per unit! Not only do we welcome our canine companions with open arms we have chosen apartment properties in very dog-friendly areas with nearby parks, trails, and pet related services.

Below we have listed just some of the great dog friendly features you can find around all 5 of our dog friendly apartments.

Our Dog Friendly Neighborhoods


Mile High

Dog Friendly Parks/Trails

  • Jefferson Park: 492 ft.
  • Crescent Park: .8 Miles
  • Fishback Park: .6 Miles
  • Hallack Park: 1 Mile
  • Viking Park: .7 Miles
  • Hirshorn Park: .9 Miles
  • Viking Park: .7 Miles

Dog Friendly Restaurants/Breweries

  • Jack-n-Grill:  .7 Miles
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill: 1.2 Miles
  • Cafe Caliente: 1.2 Miles
  • Forest Room 5: .8 Miles
  • Z Cuisine A Cot: .7 Miles
  • Proto’s Pizza Inc: .9 Miles
  • Denver Beer Co: 1 Mile
  • Central Bistro Bar: .9 Miles
  • Prost Brewery: 1.2 Miles

Dog Friendly Services

  • Pupsicles Dog Care: .3 Miles
  • Urban Vet Care: .3 Miles
  • Help Em Up Harness: .7 Miles
  • Vanity Fur LoHi: .8 Miles
  • Republic of Paws: .9 Miles
  • Colorado Dog Walking: .7 Miles
  • Diggin Doggies Stress Relief: 1.1 Miles
  • Mile High Pup Stop @ Walter W. Martin:
  • Precious PAws Pet Sitting: .8 Miles
  • Highlands Animal Clinic: 1.3 Miles
  • Puppercrombies: 1.2 Miles
  • And Many More…


Dog Friendly Parks/Trails

  • Dailey Park: 167 ft
  • Vaverde Park: 1 Mile
  • S Platte River Trail: .7 Miles
  • Flores Park: .7 Miles
  • West Washington Park Community: 1.5 Miles
  • Alamco Placita Park: 1.2 Miles
  • Washington Park: 1.7 Miles
  • West-Bar-Val Wood Park: 1.6 Miles
  • Phil Milstein Park: 1.9 Miles
  • Aspgren Park: 1.3 Miles
  • Vanderbilt Park: 1.3 Miles
  • Huston Lake Park: 2.1 Miles

Dog Friendly Restaurants/Breweries

  • Chipotle Mexican Grill: 2.5 Miles
  • Sonic Drive In: 1.9 Miles
  • Proto’s Pizza Inc: 3.2 Miles
  • Denver Beer Co.: 3.4 Miles
  • Prost Brewery: 3.7 Miles
  • Forest Room 5: 3.4 Miles
  • Central Bistro Bar 1691: 3.5 Miles
  • Z Cuisine A Cote: 3.6 Miles
  • Jack-n-Grill: 4 Miles

Dog Friendly Services

  • Denver Animal Shelter: 1.1 Miles
  • DelaFoto Pet Photography: .4 Miles
  • Quality Paws Natural Pet: .4 Miles
  • Mile High Canine Club: 1.3 Miles
  • Pet Scoop: 1.3 Miles
  • Tender Touch Animal Hospital: .8 Miles
  • Out-U-Go: .6 Miles
  • Senior Dog Books: .6 Miles
  • Dog Topia: .7 Miles
  • Kevin and Friends: .9 Miles
  • Harrison Memorial Animal Hospital: 2.1 Miles
  • BARK! Doggie Daycare + Hotel + Spa: .8 Miles
  • Pets n Pajamas Overnight Sitting: .8 Miles
  • The Denver Dog Training CO LLC: .9 Miles

Infinity Park | 1150 Birch Apartments | 4 Mile

All of these apartments are within less than 1 mile of each other – the distances will be in reference to the Infinity Park appartment which is the middle of the three.

Dog Friendly Parks/Trails

  • Infinity Park: 450 ft
  • Playa del Carmen Park: .3 Miles
  • City of Potenza Park: .6 Miles
  • Mir Park: 1.1 Miles
  • City of Takyama Park: 1.1 Miles
  • City of Brest Park: 1.1 Miles
  • Burns Park: 2.8 Miles
  • Garland Park: 1 Miles
  • Cook Park: 1.3 Miles
  • Ash Grove Park:1.2 Miles
  • City of Chennai Park: 2 Miles
  • Washington Park: 1.8 Miles
  • Veterans Park: 2.2 Miles
  • Cherry Creek Trail: .7 Miles

Dog Friendly Pet Services

  • Evans East Animal Hospital: 1.7 Miles
  • Remington & Friends Neighborhood: .6 Miles
  • VCA  Aspenwood Animal Hospital: .7 Miles
  • Mary McGivern: .6 Miles
  • Zorros Pampered Paws: 1.1 Miles
  • Natural Pet Marketplace: 1.2 Miles
  • Petco Animal Supplies: 1.1 Miles
  • Coddled Companions: 1.1 Miles
  • Updog Dog Walking: 1 Mile
  • For the Love of Dog: .9 Miles
  • Heavenly Dog: 1.6 Miles
  • Doggy Solutions: 1.7 Miles
  • Haute Dog Grooming: 1.9 Miles
  • Denver Animal Hospital: .7 Miles
  • Critter Sitters: 2 Miles
  • Whisker Watchers: 1.5 Miles

If you are interested in any of our great dog friendly apartments feel free to apply online or give us a call: 720.897.3961 or stop by our leasing office at 4701 E Mississippi Ave Glendale, CO 80246.


Dog Friendly Denver

Denver is a very dog-friendly city. If you spend a few hours walking around the city you will more than likely cross paths with a plethora of man’s best friends. Denverites affinity for the great outdoors makes most of us more than capable dog owners and from Chihuahuas to Golden Retrievers, people from Colorado love owning dogs. Denver has embraced the high frequency of canines in the area, which can be seen through the number of dog-friendly establishments in the city. From apartment buildings to hotels, being dog-friendly is becoming a point of differentiation for a number of different businesses, making dog ownership easier than ever. The following list will serve as a guide to the best of dog-friendly Denver.

Dog Friendly Denver Restaurants & Bars

Dog Friendly Denver Restaurants

Denver Beer Company

A popular Denver brewery with a great taproom and beer garden, the Denver Beer Company are big fans of canine creatures. While many establishments across Colorado allow dogs on their patios, this brewery has taken things a step further and allows dogs inside their facility as long as they behave well and are on a leash. For enjoying beers with your pooch by your side, this is a fun choice in the heart of Denver. There are also a variety of food trucks that consistently serve food to the patrons of the brewery.

The Watering Bowl

This establishment is far more than simply a dog friendly restaurant and bar. The Watering Hole literally prefers their patrons to have dogs and they created a 7,000 sq ft fully fenced in dog park that is a part of their tavern. There are 3 different bars with many local craft beers on tap as long as a full service kitchen. If you and your dog like to be social this is a great place to mingle with other owners and their dogs (this is very close to our newest community The Phenix 4 Mile).

Forest Room 5

Located in the trendy highlands neighborhood of Denver, Forest Room 5 is a hip place to eat with a cool nature theme. The outdoor area is made to resemble a camping setting, with a flowing creek and fire pits. This patio is very pet friendly and it frequently has dogs of all different shapes and sizes. It’s a great place to end a nice walk with your canine companion for a drink and some food.

Other Dog Friendly Denver Restaurants & Bars

Dog Friendly Denver Hotels

Dog Friendly Hotels

There are a large number of Dog Friendly Hotels situated around downtown Denver. Here’s an up to date list of some of your best options for traveling to Denver with a dog.

The Brown Palace Hotel

A Denver landmark since 1892, the Brown Palace is one of the most well known and renowned hotels in the city of Denver. This luxury hotel boasts over 241 rooms and welcomes guests to bring along their canine companions. Guests can bring one dog of any size during their stay for a refundable deposit of $100.

Warwick Hotel

As long as your dog is well-behaved and not going to be doing a lot of barking, the Warwick Hotel has no problem with guests bringing a dog with them. There is no charge or deposit necessary for guests traveling with dogs. This classic Denver hotel is best known for its rooftop pool that has awesome views of Denver.

Sheraton Downtown Denver

Located right off the 16th st walking mall in the heart of downtown Denver, the Sheraton has over 1,200 rooms and provides an easy launch pad for exploring the city. As long as your dog is less than 40 lbs you are free to have it stay with you free of charge. However, you must bring your pets with you during the day as they aren’t permitted to be in your room when you are not there.

Other Dog Friendly Denver Hotels

Dog Friendly Apartments

Dog Friendly Denver Apartments

Urban Phenix

At Urban Phenix we currently have 5 apartment rental properties in the Denver area. At all of our locations, we are pet friendly and allow our tenants to have dogs. We accept all large breeds of dogs and the only breed restriction we have is for Pit Bulls, but that is actually a restriction coming from the city of Denver. In our apartments, we allow up to 3 pets per unit, which sets us apart from other property management companies in Denver! We support Denver’s affinity for canine companions and all of our apartments are set in very dog-friendly areas with nearby parks and trails for going on walks.

RedPeak Properties

This apartment rental company offers some pet friendly apartments. The offer rentals throughout a large region of Denver and advertise that some of these buildings are open for tenants with dogs. We suggest talking with them first if you are considering one of their properties and you own a pet as their policy is not uniform throughout every building.

IMT Residential

Located near the Alameda light rail station, IMT Residential has a fairly new apartment complex with many units. They advertise their community as pet friendly and allow tenants to have dogs. A pet care station is also listed as one of their amenities which means they are happy to have dogs at their complex.