Starter Guide to Denver’s Brew Scene

Denver is one of the foremost cities for breweries in the entire United States constantly topping the charts with the most breweries per capita along with the largest brew-fest “Great American Brew Festival”!

In this beer mecca city are some of the best breweries you could hope to find! Below we have gathered a list of some of the more popular bigger craft breweries located in Denver for the new beer enthusiast here. Click on the breweries below to find out more!

Breckenridge Brewery

  • Founded in the 1980s by Richard Squire, a ski enthusiast with a passion for home brewing
  • In the 1990s it migrated its main operations into Denver from South Main Street in Breck
  • They now have 5 locations and ship to 32 states


  • Nice open environment with plenty of tables and seating along with a bar that lines the back setup on stage. Modern gentrified feel with brick walls and open industrial ceilings

Flagship Brews

  • Agave Wheat
  • Autumn Ale
  • Avalanche Ale

GABF Winners

  • Breckenridge Pale Ale
    • Silver Medal
    • Category: Classic English Style Pale Ale
    • Year: 2001
  • Denver Mountain Wheat
    • Gold Medal
    • Category: American Wheat Ale Or Lager
    • Year: 1995
  • Blue River Bock
    • Bronze Medal
    • Category: Bock
    • Year: 1992
  • Mountain Wheat
    • Bronze Medal
    • Category: American Wheats
    • Year: 1991

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Great Divide

  • Started in 1994 and have been a staple of Denver’s beer scene for 20+ years
  • One of the most decorated breweries in the nation
    • 18 awards at the GABF
  • Takes a local approach on the brewing process
    • 100% of their spent grain is utilized by a local cattle farm
    • 80% of the barley is grown and malted in Colorado
    • Bottles come from a Colorado plant using recycled glass
  • Specializes in strong beers (ABC > 7%)


  • Situated in a modernized 1920s-era warehouse
  • The brewery is sleek and modern but still portrays a comfortable and cozy setting

Flagship Brews

GABF Winners

  • Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout
    • Gold Medal
    • Category: Chocolate Beer
    • Year: 2013
  • Colette
    • Silver Medal
    • Category: French and  Belgian Style Saison
    • Year: 2010
  • Yeti Imperial Stout
    • Silver Medal
    • Category: Imperial Stout
    • Year: 2009
  • 15 Other GABF Awards

Other Info

  • Tour the brewing process and taste 9 year-round and 12 seasonal brews
    • Open 7 days a week / samples only $1
  • The Taproom is the only place to try their small-batch pilot beers
  • Just opened the Barrel Bar in RiNo

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Denver Beer Co.

  • Born in garages with just a few small batches of home brew
  • Utilize fresh local ingredients
  • They are all about brewing the perfect seasonal beer
  • They put a large focus on creating small batch brews with creative recipes
    • You can expect them to switch out the taps weekly


  • They drew their inspiration for the tap house from the beer gardens of Bavaria.
  • Prime Platte Street location with ample patio space and a long L shaped bar with plenty of tables throughout the establishment.
    • One of the largest and most spread out tap rooms in all of Denver.
  • You will see everyone from all walks of life: “We welcome both oxford shirts and dirty shorts.”
    • Dogs are also welcome here too!

Flagship Brews

GABF Winners

  • King Ink
    • Bronze Medal
    • Category: American-Style Black Ale
    • Year: 2015
  • Denver Beer Co Graham Cracker Porter
    • Bronze Medal
    • Category: Specialty Beer
    • Year: 2011

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Blue Moon Brewing Company at the SandLot

  • Located in the Rockies Stadium this brewery originally created the now mass produced Blue Moon
  • Established in 1995 after brewmaster Keith Villa, returned from Belgium with his Ph.D. in brewing
  • The brewery loves to experiment with new brews and are constantly changing taps.
  • 40 medals have been won by this little operation at the GABF
  • Only open during baseball season


  • Located inside Coors Field this baseball infused brewery holds a nostalgic feel of america’s pastime merging with a modern vibe of the 21st century.

Flagship Brews

  • Blue Moon
  • White IPA

GABF Winners

  • Blue Moon Honey Grand Cru
    • Bronze Medal
    • Category: Specialty Honey Beer
    • Year: 2014
  • Golden Knot – Chardonnay
    • Gold Medal
    • Category: Fruit Beer
    • Year: 2013
  • Vintage Blonde Ale
    • Bronze Medal
    • Category: Fruit Wheat Beer
    • Year: 2011
  • More

Other Info

  • Blue Moon was the first American beer that called for a orange as most Belgian Wits at that time in America featured a lemon.
  • Open to the public Tuesday – Saturday (2pm-8pm)
    • Times are subject to change due to Rockies home games
  • Blue Moon has a variety of events throughout Denver – find them here

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Wynkoop Brewing Company

  • Denver’s Governor founded this brewery in 1988
  • First brew-pub in Colorado
  • They usually have about 14 rotating taps
  • Craft more than 40 different styles of beers
  • They can their flagship brews
  • Great Downtown Location


  • The brewery has a large pool hall and bar upstairs; a bar with abundant seating and TVs downstairs; very spread out and comfortable relaxing environment.

Flagship Brews

  • Mile High Pale Ale
  • Colorojo
  • Rail Yard Amber Ale
  • Patty’s Chile Beer
  • More

GABF Winners

  • Belgorado
    • Bronze Medal
    • Category: Experimental Beer
    • Year: 2011
  • B3K Schwarzbief
    • Bronze Medal
    • Category: Kellerbier or Zwickelbier
    • Year: 2011
  • Wiza Weiss
    • Gold Medal
    • Category: South German-Style Hefeweizen
  • More

Other Info

  • They have a full dinner menu packed with amazing pub-style comfort food: menu
  • Complimentary brewery tours are available Tuesday through Saturday at 3:00pm and 4:00pm daily

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Average Cost of Rent in Denver

The objective of this poll is simply to get an idea of the average monthly rent payment for someone who lives in the city of Denver. It doesn’t matter if you have roommates, share a bedroom, or rent an entire 3-bdrm house all to yourself. We would like to know how much is your individual monthly rent payment, regardless of your living situation. Please only respond if you currently live in the city of Denver. The red highlighted region on the map below shows you what constitutes the city borders. Thank you so much for your participation in helping us to find out the average cost of rent in Denver!

How Much is your Monthly Rent Payment in Denver?
Denver Rent Prices

Where is SoDoSoPa?

Below, please watch the South Park clip voiced by Trey Parker in one of their most recent episodes called: The City Part of Town. In this episode Kenny’s “historic neighborhood” gets gentrified into what is now referred to as SoDoSoPa. 

Is SoDoSoPa Making Fun of Denver?

South Park’s nature is to make a mockery of current issues and is able to do so as they amazingly produce the cartoon in 6 days prior to airing. For this reason, it is quite apparent that South Park is turning up the heat to roast one of the United State’s up-and-coming hipster communities in “The City Part of Town”, but which one?

To us it seems apparent, but in a forum on Reddit this controversy exploded with people from all over the United States declaring they are in the area in which the creators of South Park were parodying. Everywhere from Houston, to Brooklyn, to Cincinnati, to Portland Reddit users were taking claim for SoDoSoPa.

With all the life out there on this topic, we wanted to kill it dead by putting a final nail in the coffin of this metropolitan mockery. Here are five reasons why SoDoSoPa can be no other place than LoDo/LoHi in Denver, Colorado.


12-2-2015 8-05-22 PMFor those that live in Denver the similarities that exemplify South Park’s community of SoDoSoPa are evident. Denver is a hotbed of new growth which is backed by the highest real estate market growth outside of Florida.

Due to this rapid expansion the prominent communities of Denver; such as LoDo and LoHi are being renovated to meet the increasing housing demand. Renovations are often preferred as it maintains the historic aesthetics of the buildings while still offering interior “state of the art finishes” as Trey so elegantly put it.

These key neighborhoods in Denver are booming with this type of revival and is easy to observe the comparison of SoDoSoPa on a stroll through LoDo/LoHi.

2. Hipsterism

12-2-2015 7-41-02 PMThe episode’s sarcasm embodies more than just the district but also the hipster charged new-age culture that is finding its way throughout the prominent areas of Denver. In this respect, LoHi ranked on Forbes Best Hipster Neighborhoods. There are bunches of these articles affirming LoHi’s claim to hipsterism exemplified again in this article by Sunset – the first paragraph in itself could be the script for the commercial of SoDoSoPa (seen above).

3. Whole Foods

12-2-2015 8-08-32 PMSoDoSoPa was unearthed from Randy pitching for a Whole Foods in the town of South Park, but what does Whole Foods have to do with anything?

Well in Colorado, they are just about everywhere. Colorado has the second most Whole Foods in the country per capita. It’s no mistake that Matt and Trey would chose this particular business as their epicenter of SoDoSoPa.

4. Phonetics

12-2-2015 7-46-30 PMAnother obvious comparison to why SoDoSoPa is right here in Denver is quite simply the name. SoDoSoPa is not a far stretch from the abbreviated neighborhoods of LoDo/LoHi in Denver.

While we know that SoDoSoPa technically stands for South Downtown South Park were fairly certain this is meant to identify with Denver’s big city neighborhoods. If you have ever spent time in the actual town of South Park you’d know that there is definitely no south, east, west, north or even a downtown in that boisterous town of a 679 people.

5. Location

Finally, the most clear-cut reason why the creators of South Park were definitely talking about Denver’s gentrification is because… well… South Park is in COLORADO.

12-2-2015 8-12-09 PM

The reason that South Park is set in Colorado is because of Matt and Trey’s humble beginnings. Trey was born in Conifer and spent most of his life growing up in Evergreen. Matt was not born here but moved to the Rocky Mountain State at a very early age and grew up in Littleton (a suburb of Denver). They both attended University of Colorado at Boulder and is where they met.

Their history in Colorado encouraged them to create their infamous cartoon show and is why they continue to still use Colorado as an inspiration throughout their episodes.

Colorado’s influence is seen throughout the series with references to Denver, Greeley, Fort Collins and many more. Other instances such as the Denver Broncos and Colorado Avalanche appearances in South Park help further set the scene for where South Park is truly spirited from.

There is no question that Colorado continues to hold a special place in Matt and Trey’s heart, as they premiered their only Broadway sensation, Book of Mormons, hit right here in Denver not too long ago. One of only two Broadway plays to ever be premiered in Denver.

Between the obvious gentrification, hipsterism, Whole Foods, the phonetic name, and the rocky mountain setting of the series we have no question in our mind but to crown Denver’s LoDo/LoHi as SoDoSoPa!

Welcome to Denver’s “City Part of Town”

12-2-2015 7-41-48 PMThere’s a certain quality, vibe, and energy that is LoDo/LoHi. From the independent merchants and unique cafes to the rustic charm of a mixed-income crowd.

Where else can you let loose your wild side while still being a part of helping the local economy? And now a chance to rent a piece of this most exciting area of Denver. Announcing the Mile High at LoHi.

Large flats that put you right in the heart of it all. After a night out eating and shopping in LoDo/LoHi take a few steps and your home. With modern styling, these lofts are sleek, sexy and oh-so-lo-do-lo-hi.12-2-2015 7-49-11 PM

Now you can have access to luxury refined while still just steps away from the action.

These finely appointed residences all feature state of the finishes and balcony with views of 19th Street Bridge.

It’s a place to laugh, it’s a place to gather, it’s a place to mingle with people of all economic classes and now it’s a place to live. LoDo/LoHi, Welcome Home.

If you’re interested in living in “SoDoSoPa” we have 6 different historic renovated apartments right here in Denver. Check out our properties here or contact us today!

USA Rugby’s Home: Infinity Park

Infinity Park Stadium

Built in 2007, this new rugby stadium is well known around the nation for a variety of reasons. For one, it is the unofficial home of the US National Rugby Team. It’s also the first rugby-specific, municipally-owned stadium in the country. From hosting several annual domestic rugby tournaments for the US men’s team to hosting Division 1 college rugby for both CU and CSU, this stadium sees a lot of action. The Glendale Raptors (and Lady Raptors) call this place home, and they managed to win the national championship on their home turf at Infinity Park. The area is commonly known as Rugbytown USA.

Rugbytown USA

More than just a Rugby Stadium

Infinity Park is far more than simply a 4,000 seat rugby stadium, it also serves as an entertainment and events venue for the area. From large corporate events to weddings, the beautiful new space prides itself on being malleable for a variety of local events. It is also equipped with a top of the line gym and sports center with everything from basketball courts to treadmills. The Infinity Park gym has very low rates for Glendale residents in comparison to other similar establishments in the Denver area. Lastly, with the mission of creating a community for this up and coming neighborhood, the stadium occasionally plays movies on a large screen completely for free!

The Neighborhood

The area surrounding the Infinity Park sports complex is part of the greater Glendale, CO neighborhood. Just a short drive to downtown Denver, this region boasts a variety of old and new residential options as well as lots of businesses from offices to restaurants to shops. Glendale has over 50,000 residents, and back in the 1970’s it was considered the hot spot for nightlife and entertainment. While this nightlife hub has since moved to the downtown area of LoDo near the city center, back then Glendale boasted over 50 tavern licenses! Glendale is not simply a suburb of Denver like Aurora or Thornton, it is actually a separate city altogether. It’s sister city is Playa Del Carmen in Mexico.

Welcome to Glendale CO

Apartments for Rent in Glendale, CO

At Urban Phenix we are huge advocates of the city of Glendale. We believe it will continue to see huge amounts of growth as the entire state of Colorado grows with thousands of people moving here each and every month. While there are many nice areas in the city of Glendale, one in particular that’s becoming a very fun and popular place to live is surrounding the Infinity Park complex. This area is a great central location which is near Cherry Creek and not too far from both downtown and the Denver Tech Center.

Urban Phenix Apartments in Glendale, CO

Because of our strong belief that Glendale, CO is one of the best neighborhoods to live in the Denver area, we own three apartment buildings situated in close proximity to the Infinity Park sports complex.  The map below shows you where they are located.

Urban Phenix Glendale Apartments

(Click here for a live Google Map of our Glendale Apartments)

Our 3 Glendale Apartment locations are:

Our Glendale apartments are all located in newly renovated historic buildings. Like most people in Denver, we love dogs, and all of our apartments are pet-friendly. For more information about the city of Glendale or our apartments for rent please contact Urban Phenix today.

Dog Friendly Denver

Denver is a very dog-friendly city. If you spend a few hours walking around the city you will more than likely cross paths with a plethora of man’s best friends. Denverites affinity for the great outdoors makes most of us more than capable dog owners and from Chihuahuas to Golden Retrievers, people from Colorado love owning dogs. Denver has embraced the high frequency of canines in the area, which can be seen through the number of dog-friendly establishments in the city. From apartment buildings to hotels, being dog-friendly is becoming a point of differentiation for a number of different businesses, making dog ownership easier than ever. The following list will serve as a guide to the best of dog-friendly Denver.

Dog Friendly Denver Restaurants & Bars

Dog Friendly Denver Restaurants

Denver Beer Company

A popular Denver brewery with a great taproom and beer garden, the Denver Beer Company are big fans of canine creatures. While many establishments across Colorado allow dogs on their patios, this brewery has taken things a step further and allows dogs inside their facility as long as they behave well and are on a leash. For enjoying beers with your pooch by your side, this is a fun choice in the heart of Denver. There are also a variety of food trucks that consistently serve food to the patrons of the brewery.

The Watering Bowl

This establishment is far more than simply a dog friendly restaurant and bar. The Watering Hole literally prefers their patrons to have dogs and they created a 7,000 sq ft fully fenced in dog park that is a part of their tavern. There are 3 different bars with many local craft beers on tap as long as a full service kitchen. If you and your dog like to be social this is a great place to mingle with other owners and their dogs (this is very close to our newest community The Phenix 4 Mile).

Forest Room 5

Located in the trendy highlands neighborhood of Denver, Forest Room 5 is a hip place to eat with a cool nature theme. The outdoor area is made to resemble a camping setting, with a flowing creek and fire pits. This patio is very pet friendly and it frequently has dogs of all different shapes and sizes. It’s a great place to end a nice walk with your canine companion for a drink and some food.

Other Dog Friendly Denver Restaurants & Bars

Dog Friendly Denver Hotels

Dog Friendly Hotels

There are a large number of Dog Friendly Hotels situated around downtown Denver. Here’s an up to date list of some of your best options for traveling to Denver with a dog.

The Brown Palace Hotel

A Denver landmark since 1892, the Brown Palace is one of the most well known and renowned hotels in the city of Denver. This luxury hotel boasts over 241 rooms and welcomes guests to bring along their canine companions. Guests can bring one dog of any size during their stay for a refundable deposit of $100.

Warwick Hotel

As long as your dog is well-behaved and not going to be doing a lot of barking, the Warwick Hotel has no problem with guests bringing a dog with them. There is no charge or deposit necessary for guests traveling with dogs. This classic Denver hotel is best known for its rooftop pool that has awesome views of Denver.

Sheraton Downtown Denver

Located right off the 16th st walking mall in the heart of downtown Denver, the Sheraton has over 1,200 rooms and provides an easy launch pad for exploring the city. As long as your dog is less than 40 lbs you are free to have it stay with you free of charge. However, you must bring your pets with you during the day as they aren’t permitted to be in your room when you are not there.

Other Dog Friendly Denver Hotels

Dog Friendly Apartments

Dog Friendly Denver Apartments

Urban Phenix

At Urban Phenix we currently have 5 apartment rental properties in the Denver area. At all of our locations, we are pet friendly and allow our tenants to have dogs. We accept all large breeds of dogs and the only breed restriction we have is for Pit Bulls, but that is actually a restriction coming from the city of Denver. In our apartments, we allow up to 3 pets per unit, which sets us apart from other property management companies in Denver! We support Denver’s affinity for canine companions and all of our apartments are set in very dog-friendly areas with nearby parks and trails for going on walks.

RedPeak Properties

This apartment rental company offers some pet friendly apartments. The offer rentals throughout a large region of Denver and advertise that some of these buildings are open for tenants with dogs. We suggest talking with them first if you are considering one of their properties and you own a pet as their policy is not uniform throughout every building.

IMT Residential

Located near the Alameda light rail station, IMT Residential has a fairly new apartment complex with many units. They advertise their community as pet friendly and allow tenants to have dogs. A pet care station is also listed as one of their amenities which means they are happy to have dogs at their complex.